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Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique > The CCBB Experience

Where all our brides are V.I.P.’s

Unlike other bridal boutiques, here at Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique (CCBB) all of our brides are V.I.P.’s

We understand finding your perfect wedding dressĀ is an exciting, and sometimes nerve racking time. Our one to one appointments in our luxury boutique are designed to make sure you enjoy the journey and have fun.

All appointments come with the privacy & exclusive use of the boutique for up to 2 hours with refreshments for you & your guests

During you appointment you will work with your personal trained bridal consultant who will offer expert advice on shapes, styles & fabrics to suit you and your day.

Your appointment will begin with a relaxed consultation where your expert will take the time to talk through your plans & hopes for your wedding, to build up a picture of your themes, styles, colours & overall vision. This is the perfect time to show your consultant photos of your favourite gowns. With your ideas in mind the fun begins you will be able to try on your chosen gowns.

This V.I.P service is offered to all CCBB brides and is part of the CCBB bridal experience with no additional charge.

We encourage our brides to visit the boutique as often as needed. However we advise bringing a maximum of three guests, whose opinion you trust, to avoid too many conflicting opinions. The best time to invite more guests is once you have selected your favourite gown.

We work a little differently to other boutiques, we understand as a bride, you wish to have a unique look for your big day, and we are keen to personalise your look by adding belts, sparkle or altering gowns to suit you.

Once you have chosen your gown

We offer a number of payment schemes once you have chosen your gown, please contact us to find out more. Once you have ordered your gown, your dress will take up to six months to arrive.

The wedding fairies will deliver your gown and we will arrange your first appointment to try on your actual dress. You can use this appointment as your styling appointment, alternatively you may wish to book a styling appointment sooner.

Two months and Counting

We recommend that you arrange your dress fittings two months before the wedding. This is where the final magic happens. Your seamstress will work with you to ensure your perfect wedding dress is the perfect fit for you and your day. At this time you can also commission one of a kind jackets or accessories. The next thing you know you will be bringing your dress back to the boutique for steaming a week before your big day.

Styling appointments

Styling appointments can be arranged anytime after you have chosen your perfect wedding dress. We understand choosing your wedding dress can seem overwhelming, let alone picking out accessories. During this time you will be able to try on the sample of your gown, if available and create your perfect bridal look. We stock a myriad of bridal accessories from comfortable and beautiful designer shoes to sparkling tiaras and floating veils. Relax and book your one to one styling appointment to explore our treasure trove of accessories.

After your big day

We are always sad to say goodbye to our brides, however we love to see your photos of your magical moments. We are also pleased to offer a boxing and dry cleaning service to ensure you keep your memories and dress safe afterwards.